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Terms of Business


Terms of use refer to the policy on which Cleaning Solutions Center works. It is advisable for all interested and prospective customers of the agency to read the following clauses so that they can know better about the working of the agency and what kind of response to expect when dealing with them.

• The term Time For You refers to the time period allotted for services to you by each Cleaning Solutions Center franchise. Time For You Limited is the limited period of services rendered to you by the agency in Singapore.

• The word Householder/s refers to the people to whom the services are being rendered to.

• The term Retainer refers to the payment which has to be cleared by the Householder to Time For You.

• Website means the official website of the Time For You.

• The term Cleaners refers to the domestic helper you will be provided with from the list of many cleaners working with the Time For You.

• The agency reserves the right to change any clause of the terms of use document any time they like. The Householder will be informed of the amendments via email or by updating of the website within 30 days of the change of the agreements.

• The agency shall introduce to the Householder, the domestic helper which will be reserved for services to them under Time For you. The services will be allotted to you on hourly basis and changes in the reserved time will result in changes of the Retainer to Time For You.

• The Householder is entitled to pay the Retainer to Time For You after the domestic helper’s introduction and the commencement of the agreed hours of services.

• Initially the agreement will pertain for 13 weeks after which it will be moved on a month-to-month basis.

• Only public liability insurance would be provided to the Householder by Time For You.

• Only in situations where the Householder has not provided the cleaner with the cleaning equipment will the liability insurance become active.

• If Time for You terminates your agreement, you shall be notified in advance and your Retainer with Time For You will be returned. Termination shall occur if the Householder breaches any terms of the agreement.

Reading the terms completely and thoroughly is for your own benefit. The agency deserves the right to amend its polices.


























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