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Domestic helper Singapore is a company that prides itself in knowing that you, the customer, are handled well and satisfied by our services. Apart, from the adverse cleaning services we offer, there is a host of other extra services that we believe will take a whole load of pressure of your shoulders and let you relax a bit. What are some of these services you may ask; here are some of them, have a look:


  • House Moving services- we also handle your home moving needs to wherever you go
  • Buy Singapore Real Estate services - buy some of the best real estates from us today


  • Handyman services - is it broken or needs fixing, try our handyman services today
  • Rent Singapore Real Estate services - find the best real estates for rent through us today


  • Renovation services - we can handle your renovations and restoration
  • Interior Design services - we are one of the best interior designing teams you will find anywhere


  • Facilities Management services - we offer property and real estate management services
  • House Painting services - we also handle painting on different scales


  • Sell Singapore Real Estate services- are you looking at buying real estate? We sell quality and certified real estate
  • Maintenance and Repair services - for your maintenance and repairs let us handle that for you with our professionals.


  •  Property Management Singapore services - for your property management, leave the task to us, we will handle it for you.


As you can see, with this other services on offer, we at domestic helper Singapore are here to make life better and simpler for you. We handle everything that would otherwise stress you, and manage it for you. All you have to do is sit back relax, and we will keep in touch with you as progress is being made. To get more on these services our site; domestichelpersingapore.com will offer you more information. Get in touch with us through the numbers provided on site and chart a way forward with us today.











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